Estée Lauder – Double Wear ‘Zero Smudge Lengthening Mascara’

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As promised here is my review of Estée Lauder’s Double Wear Zero Smudge Mascara

  • Colour: Black, a nice wet black too, didn’t turn charcoaly 5/5
  • The onion test: A few big blobs came off with a lot of sniffels mega crying but no smudging and the onion test is pretty hardcore especially if your a contact lense wearer like me! Lol. (Ouchie) For the odd emotional bridal tear though it would be perfect! 5/5
  • Application: One application would be fine for most people but as I like spider lashes it coated really well and only took 2 coats for my usual tarantula lashes! 5/5
  • Fallout: None whatsoever, very pleased 5/5

As above it applied beautifully and separate lashes, it was a very wet black and I was more than pleased with 2 coats. It lasted all day and did well in the onion test later in the week. It was slightly difficult to remove but as it has such staying power this is only what you would expect.

So all in all I am VERY impressed! Next is Estée Lauders ‘Sumptuous Bold Volume’