Estée Lauder Sumptuous Mascara vs Sumptuous extreMe Mascara!

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Firstly I don’t know about you but I like to see the mascara brush because I hate those weird silicone plastic brushes with spikes! I like a big fluffy brush me.

So as you can see the ‘extreme’ version has a larger brush, it’s actually quite a bit bigger then the ‘sumptuous’ one, which I guess goes with the EXTREME theme but for me that is a downfall as I don’t like big brushes as they make it much harder to get the little lashes.

Now ‘Sumptuous Extreme’ is in Midnight Black as opposed to ‘Sumptuous’ which is just labelled black but I would say the plain ol’ ‘Sumptuous’ is actually more black and the midnight is a little grey. Which you may see in the photo below;

So for Sumptuous:

  • Colour: a lush wet black 5/5
  • Onion Test: not much left by the time my eyes dried up but did a good job considering it was not waterproof 4/5
  • Application: very buildable, I used 2 coats but 1 probably would have done. Lashes didn’t stick together so much 5/5
  • Fall out: some slight fallout, slight darkness under the eyes 4/5

For Sumptuous Extreme:

  • Colour: not great as I said Midnight Black was more like dim black, bit too grey 2/5
  • Onion test: by the time my eyes had stopped watering and being dabbed with tissues there was none left! 2/5
  • Application: didn’t like too many coats, lashes really stuck together but I got the desired look I was after eventually 3/5
  • Fallout: some slight fallout, slight darkness under the eyes 4/5

So in conclusion, stick with Estée Lauders Sumptuous Bold Volume. It’s the more extreme version of its new big sister if you ask me!

Illamasqua goodies next!