Illamasqua vs Urban Decay

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I recently ordered some Illamasqua eyeshadows after swatching some at the store in Birmingham on a visit. I had been looking for the singles of Urban Decays ‘Naked’ and ‘Buck’ (colour 3 and 5 from the left of Naked 1) as these were getting used up really quickly in my ‘Naked 1’ palette.

They are about £14 for a single eyeshadow and so I went to buy them both and then…. I noticed the lovely matte eyeshadows on the Illamasqua stand for £15.50. As I only get my MUA discount with them online or at their London branch I wrote down the name of all the ones I swatched and liked.

The only negative with Illamasqua is that they go out of stock really quickly, so if products are new or really highly rated, it flies off the shelf and you have to wait for the email to say its back in stock. So I had to wait for a few of them.

Eventually I got them all; Truth, Heroine, Servant, Jules and Justify. There are so many more matte nudes though the list is endless. My favourite ones are Jules and Justify. I have recently started using their concealer as an eyebrow highlight too and for under eye. I love the coverage.

The Pigment is so strong and the application is lovely and smooth not like cheaper bitty or talc-like eyeshadows you can get. They are a bit more expensive without the discount but you do get more. It’s a large pan and they really are my new favourite eyeshadows. I love my UD Naked palette but they have massive fallout. Whenever I do makeup for a client, I have to use a tissue under the eye or loose powder, but with Illamasqua they are just beautiful! With no fall out.

I just wish they would bring out an empty palette for me to keep them altogether. This was the reason I like UD and Bobbi Brown because I could keep all my colours together in one large palette. But at least the Illamasqua ones stack.

I used Servant (bottom picture) all over then Justify (last but one) over the lid and crease and finally Jules in the crease (darkest brown Illamasqua eyeshadow). They are my go to matte nudes for everyday.