Product Information

Keely only uses recognisable, branded makes of makeup and beauty products from names such as Bobbi Brown, MAC, Estee Lauder, Clinique and YSL to name a few. Over the course of her career Keely has become very discerning about the brand and types of products she provides, using the mantra of; “Would I try or wear this?”. However, this might not be the case for all. Therefore, if you have any specific allergies, require any further information or have a disposition towards a certain type or brand of makeup, please inform Keely at the soonest opportunity. To this effect Keely is fully insured against personal liability.

Booking Information

In order to make a booking, or enquire as to Keely’s availability, please use the contact section of the website. Only once a quotation has been given (where applicable), and the monies are received, is a booking accepted.

Payment Information

A deposit of 25% must be made by cash or BACs (bank transfer) and must be received at least 14 days prior to the booking.

The remaining balance is paid to Keely on the day by one of the above methods.

Change of Details

Once a booking has been made, should any of your details or circumstance relating to the service(s) provided change, please inform Keely at the soonest convenience to see as to whether the terms of the booking are still acceptable.

Please note that should the quoted number of people who are to receive a service(s) or treatment(s) be fewer on the day of the service(s) or treatment(s), the full oustanding balance is still to be paid as planned, despite the reduction in attendees.

Cancellation Information

Should you cancel a booked service(s) or event with Keely once a deposit has been paid, the deposit will not be refunded or transferred.

If Keely for any reason cancels a booked service(s) or event the deposit paid shall be returned in full.

Liability Information

All brushes and makeup products are kept sanitary and are sanitized between every makeup application. Makeup products used are hypoallergenic. Any skin condition should be reported by the client to Keely prior to application and, if need be, a sample test of makeup may be performed on the skin to test reaction. Client(s) agree to release Keely from liability for any skin complications due allergic reaction.