Keely is able to offer a range of professional makeup, hair and beauty services for all occasions.

Able to accommodate one person or a party of people, Keely has compiled a range of services and packages to suit most.

Makeup Lessons

A dedicated one on one session with Keely allowing her to impart some of her experience and skills over a 2 hour period. If you have a particular area you specifically wish to learn more about Keely is more than willing to assist. Also included is a complementary brush set.


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Makeup Lesson

Makeup Trial

This consists of 2 hours to discuss and apply your choice of up to 2 eyeshadow applications as well as try out any alternative colours or finishes you may want to trial, giving you full confidence ready for your special occasion.


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Makeup Trial

A consultation as to the desired look you wish to achieve for your all important event or occasion. The price includes full makeup application along with your choice of any strip or flare lashes you may require.

Please note that if Keely is required to travel outside of King's Lynn additional travel costs will apply. Please enquire for further information.

from £35.00

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Special Occasion

Keely also has vast experience of commerical makeup shoots across a variety of industries. As each of these are unqiue in their setup and arrangement pricing and details are on a purely bespoke basis. Please contact Keely for more information.


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Commercial Makeup

Keely’s most popular package.

Keely starts with a one to one trial preferably at least 6 weeks before your big day. This allows her to get to know you, a little about your wedding, and any special requests or style that you may wish for. During this process, in conjunction with Keely, you can refine and hone your application, so come the big day you can relax and be full of confidence that you are going to look and feel your absolute best.

Both the trial and the application on the day itself take place at a venue of your choice.


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Bridal Makeup

Bridesmaid, Mother of the Bride and Bridal Party Makeup

A popular addition to Keely’s Bridal makeup. Not only does the bride obviously want to look her best, but naturally so do the rest of her party, and also in keeping with any theme or colouration.

As per the Bridal Makeup package, the price allows for full makeup application including a choice of strip or flare lashes for the individual, at the same venue as the bride.

Please note the price listed below is per person.

£35.00 per person

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Bridal Party
Beauty Treatment Treatment Duration* Treatment Cost
Lashes Classic ultra soft lashes - Full Set 60 minutes £35.00
Classic ultra soft lashes - Infill 30 minutes £25.00
Volume ultra soft lashes - Full Set up to 2 hours £45.00
Volume ultra soft lashes - Infill 45 minutes £30.00
Eyes Eyebrow tint 15 mins (patch test required) £6.00
Eyelash tint 15mins (patch test required) £6.00
Eyebrow shape 15mins £10.00
Eyebrow tint & shape 20mins (patch test required) £15.00
Eyelash, brow, tint & shape 30mins (patch test required) £20.00
Eyelash tint, party lashes, brow tint & shape 40mins (patch test required) £30.00
Party lashes (flare lashes that last 2-3 days) 15mins (patch test required) £12.00
Waxing Full leg wax 40mins £22.00
1/2 leg wax 20mins £16.00
Underarm wax 15mins £8.00
Bikini wax 20mins £9.00
Forearm wax 20mins £7.00
Lip wax 15mins £6.00
Chin wax 15mins £6.00
Lip & chin wax 20mins £10.00
Nails Gel polish £20.00
Missu hard gel £30.00
Missu hard gel with tips £35.00
Infill £28.00
Dip powder overlay £30.00
Dip powder with tips £35.00
Nail art / chrome / crystals £1.00 per nail
Enhancement removal £10.00 per nail
Spray Tan Spray tan using LA Tan 30mins £15.00

*Please note that times are approximate. Keely does not infill other technician's work or dip powder. There is no charge for soak offs when booked with a new set.