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So here are my new skincare favorites and I just love them right now. Some are new and some are my cult classics;

  • Bioderma makeup remover
  • Sensibio H2o cleanser
  • L’Occitane (fresh face water)
  • Estee Lauder Idealist (pore minimsor serum)
  • Embryolisse Moisturizer.

First of all my new love Bioderma. This one is for sensitive skin and melts make up off I swear! It is amazing. I can have a full drag face with camouflage make up and strip lashes; the whole lot and it just takes it off in a second. You soak it into a large cotton pad and wipe it off. It feels like water, there’s no tingling, no eye irritation (I’m a contact lenses wearer) and no greasiness.

It’s honestly like wiping your face with water and yet your make up comes off!

It’s actually a pleasure taking my make up off and doesn’t dry my skin out or make it greasy! Perfect! Also it’s unscented.

£4.50 for 100ml

My favourite toner. L’Occitane ‘Fresh Face Water L’eau delicate’ cleanses and tones. I remember reading a very well known dermatologists article and she mentioned that you could just use cold water as a toner as that would be enough to close the pores again after cleansing; which is the point of toner (It shouldn’t sting! If it does check it doesn’t have astringents in it as they are drying!).

Well this may well just be water… but I hope not for the price! It’s so gentle and really freshens my face as well as helping to close up those pores again. I used to use strong toners when I had a breakout but they just made things worse. I also use this to set my make up to set it or when it looks to powdery. It has no smell.

£10.00 for 100ml

My cult classic favorite! This is amazing as it reduces redness and minimizes pores and makes your face feel like silk. I don’t use primer because I use this. I know when I don’t use it because my face sags almost. I went through a cycle of using this, thinking my skin was perfect; using it up and then not buying anymore because I thought it was my normal skin… and then 3 months later quickly going to buy some more as my skin began breaking out, sagging and my pores reappeared with a vengeance and then telling myself my skin was perfect again.

Finally it has sunk in. I need this. Everyday. Also it smells like Oranges and Passionflower. It smells absolutely divine and I love that it’s in a plastic bottle now so I don’t have to worry about dropping it.

£41.00 for 30ml (I know! But it works!)

I’ve bought a lot of moisturizers. This is the best for me and a reasonable price for once. I have very dry skin but this makes it normal. It’s not greasy yet it works. It’s definitely heavy duty and also sinks in quickly. I use it day and night and I wake up with smooth skin.

It has a nice delicate smell.

£17.49 for 75ml

Prices quote are from the official products websites and are correct at the time of writing this article. You may find cheaper elsewhere, but as always, do your research before you purchase.