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I want to talk to you all about fake tanning! My choice of tan, preparation and the process itself and aftercare.

Firstly I spent a very very long time choosing a spray tan solution I trust. I tested lots of different brands and their different shades of tan. My poor sisters and I have been all shades of orange and brown and all sorts of tan smells until we found a solution I was confident in.

LA Tanning have a variety of colours (none of them orange) from light to dark and a great fade off and smell.

LA Tanning has it all.

It varies from 8% light to 14% dark and all the colours in between which you can see below

My personal favourite for Brides is LA Gold 8% as it gives a gorgeous subtle glow without it being completely obvious you’ve had a spray tan and it fades off nicely.

Fake tan develops differently on everyone. For some people an 8 will make them darker than others. Generally if you tan easily and have a warm yellow tone to your skin you will tan easier and go slightly darker than if you are paler with a pink tone. If you stick to a shade a few shades darker it will obviously look more natural, and when it starts to fade, you are less likely to get the tell tale patchiness of your paler skin coming through. But for the die hard tanners LA does fade nice and evenly so its okay to go quite a but darker.

To prepare for a tan you need to have done all hair removal 24 hours before. This is because if you shave, wax etc you leave open pores where your hairs were which are then filled with nice dark tan.

You do need to exfoliate and remove all dead skin the day before and use a good oil free moisturiser. This is so the tan is not just developing on dead skin which will then fall off and leave you with patchy marks. Moisturising gives the tan a nice smooth even surface, and the process of developing tan itself is drying and uses moisture up, so you will need that extra moisture.

Why oil free moisturiser? Oil is a barrier, it’s as simple as that. If your skin hasn’t absorbed all the oil than it will sit on the surface of the skin and stop the tan from reaching it, and again you will look patchy.

Remove all makeup and deoderant before the tan. Makeup is a barrier to the tan and deoderant can react with the tan to make it patchy or a funny colour (sometimes green while developing).

Just before your spray tan I ask you to remove all jewellery, deodorant and makeup and ask if you get any dry skin in any areas and put a light moisturiser on them and then your elbows, below knees tops of hands and feet. You then stand on the sticky feet and I will show you the positions I need you in to spray you.

It is completely up to you if you use the disposable underwear or not. You will the one with the tan lines or not so try and think about what you will be wearing.

Once I have sprayed you, you step out of the booth and I smooth over any excess if any.

You can normally dress after a few minutes as the mist is very fine but I always suggest blowing your nose to save you from getting tanned nostril and bogies!

The tan you initally have straight after the spray is just a guide colour. If you haven’t had the ‘Fast Tan’ it will take 6-8 hours to develop and then you can wash it off in the shower. It’s always alarming when you first wake up, as you have then the guide colour and your new tan, then it all washes off in the shower and you feel pale! But the tan will develop throughout the day. Avoid scrubbing but make sure you wash it all off thoroughly, avoiding heavily perfumed or oily shower gels.

Moisturise! Moisturise! and moisturise. Hands and feet notoriously go darker and will need lots of washing (hands) and moisturising as well as of course your whole body will. Like I said the chemical reaction of the solution making you tanned uses water and so you need to replace that moisture.

If you keep moisturising your tan it should last at least 5-7 days. Try to only scrub dry areas and only after a few days.

LA Tanning gives the most beautiful colour and if you follow these steps will look beautiful for at least a week.

Happy Tanning!

If you want to book a spray tan I can do Fast Tan, which develops in 2 hours or I do spray tan appointments in the evening, so you come in your pj’s and go home to sleep in it and wash it off in the morning for it to develop.

Spray tans are £20 or £15 each if 2 or more are booked together

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