Wedding Makeup | A Few Hints & Tips

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I have been really busy with makeups lately and have thought of a few hints and tips to help Brides and clients.

Firstly, lipstick! Whenever I have a bridal trial I always write down the lipstick the bride decides on so she can purchase one for the day once I have left for top ups. You will have to reapply your lipstick at least every couple of hours depending on the make/glossiness/matte etc.

Also think of your bridesmaids. They too will need to have decided on a lipstick (if you haven’t decided for them) and they will need to be topping this up throughout the day. Remember also that it really isn’t hygienic for them to share a lipstick, so you as the bride or they, will have to make sure they have at least one each.

Even if you don’t normally shape your eyebrows, now is the time to consider it. Eye make up will look so much neater and attractive with nicely shaped brows. So try and time your eyebrow wax/shape/threading to the day before so it has time to calm down but is still fresh for the day.

Another thing to consider is if you are having a spray tan for your wedding that you have a trial of this too. Some Brides like their tan a few days after it has developed and some the very next day after application. Also you can then decide if you had the right shade the first time. Spray tans have different percentages of DHA starting from 6-18%. The stronger the percentage the darker the tan, but be careful, as the darker the tan the more it dries your skin out so you will have to make sure you religiously moisturise to protect your colour.

Nails. If you dont normally wear false nails and are thinking of having them done before the wedding I would suggest to have them done at least couple of days before the wedding so you can get used to them. Unless you know the day before the wedding is going to be very relaxing I would avoid having them done then as you will be so busy making and collecting things you need time to have got used to your nails.

Of course, this is all completely up to you, but these are a few things I have found out in my experience. Every Bride is different and every wedding completely individual, so lets make sure it runs smoothly.